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Recipients of loans of Savings and Loan Houses can be:

  • Legal persons wishing to design and develop a business or profit activity that is not contrary to law,
  • Individuals who wish to improve their living conditions or to buy some goods.
  • They became members of the Savings and Loan.

     CASA granted:

  • short-term loans - up to 1 year
  • long-term loans - up to 5 years.

     The maximum amount awarded: 

  • 150,000 lei - without collateral (surety at least one person)
  • 800,000 lei - notary registered collateral (immovable or movable)

     The loan may be granted in one or more tranches, as established in the contract.

     The interest is calculated on the balance to low and varies depending on the product. Depending on financial market trends and penalty interest rate can be increased or decreased by mutual agreement of the Contracting Parties.

     Missing monthly service fee and prepayment. There are single fee loan analysis and release.

     For outstanding amounts of principal and related interest levied penalty of 0.50% for each day late.

List of Loan and Savings Houses